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Growing up is Hard to Do

Back in March of this Year (yeah I know a little late to the game with this post, Sorry!) I did a session with this gorgeous mama and her husband and 5 children to celebrate the soon to be arrival of their 6 and last member of the tribe.
Little Roy III was 3 months old during the session we did a few months later (in July). and just as precious as can be.
I would love to introduce the Johnson Family of 8 in its completion with their newest edition. Roy Johnson SR and Tychell Johnson are the proud parents of 6 amazing children. Iziah is the oldest and 14 and is extremely smart. Tatiana is 13 and is a mini version of her dad as well as being sweet but not someone to mess with. Ariana is 10 and is the sweetest soul and loves helping her family members. Aniya is also 10 and is very creative and loves animals. Roy Jr is 4 and is charismatic. Mom says he is like his dad reincarnated. Roy III at 3 months old is the last of the tribe and knew his day from his nights from the time he was born.

“Of all things that I held, my baby boy is the most beautiful and precious.”

Welcome back! The mission of this blog post is to show off the Charming Lucas Still. I actually photographed Lucas about 6 months ago when he was about 1 month old. Check out the pictures here:
His parents traveled 3 hours up to meet us for this session so it was a long day but he did fantastic!
Can you believe how big this little fella has gotten since then? I had to blink a few times to make sure I was seeing things clearly! He is already crawling, pulling himself up, and walking as long as he’s holding on to something and he has started babbling. He is also attempting to talk and holds kind of a conversation with you and loves feeding himself. It’s amazing how fast they grow!
Baby Lucas was the perfect size to put in a Tonka Truck. I was so excited to be able to use the prop and loved how the pictures turned out. I'll definitely be using this one in future sessions.

Adventure Awaits Part 2

Hi all! I’ve got a newborn (1 Month old) session to share with you/ 1 month old babies are one of my favorites to capture because they are just starting to find their personality. You can start to see their different expressions and are starting to learn what each look and stare means. During this session, I captured many expressions for baby Olivia. She is an absolute doll with a fun personality. She will definitely bring her parents adventures for sure. I met up with Erica and Jon a couple weeks ago at Leone Price Park and, as you can see, it was the dreamiest. Session. Ever! Erica’s favorite memory from the birth was “I loved having Jon be there with me and supportive through the whole thing. He was the one that announced “it’s a girl!” And cut the cord. It was all just the perfect moment and a day full of treasured memories.” Erica and Jon had chosen not to find out what they were having until the day she was born. Erica said her first thought when she saw little Olivia was “I can’t…