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Why Photography

When I was trying to decide on the name for my photography business, I wanted it to be something unique. Something that would stand out. Something that was different. I choose Reflections by Luna because that is my goal my goal is to capture with the camera what you might not see yourself. My goal is to make the experience of having pictures taken fun and exciting. My goal is to give you those captured memories that will last a lifetime whether it be a picture of your family, or celebrating a new baby, or celebrating different milestones throughout life: first day of school, senior year, first day of college, engagement, anniversary etc. My goal is to make sure that those special memories are preserved so that you have something for the present to look back and reflect on but also something to pass on to future generations so that you can tell stories or they can learn what their family was like in the past. Reflection is defined as a serious thought or contemplation. When I do a phot…

Reflections past and future

Going over my Facebook business page today and looking back over the photos I've taken the last year or so. It's crazy how much I have learned. Going from shooting in auto to shooting in manual and learning how to come out of my shell and talk to people during photo shoots. I've learned so much about myself and about the people I have done photo-shoots for. I am looking forward to the future and continuing my business and meeting new people down here in Georgia. The area is gorgeous and there are so many opportunities for pictures. Every time we are out driving, I see different spots and I analyze it for future photo shoots. I am excited for this adventure in Georgia and to continue my goal and passion of creating reflections of others and capturing memories that will last a lifetime.