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A True Superwoman

When I was a military wife, I got called superwoman, super mom, super awesome but there are women out there that deserve that title more than me. Single moms. Yes, I was alone w/5 kids for months at time but daddy always came back and was there in the background providing support as much as he could be. Single moms are just that; single. They don't have that constant support of another parent to help or give them a break. They literally do it all. They are doctors, teachers, providers, defenders, protectors. The very definition of a superwoman can be found in any single mom working hard to raise their children and provide for them on their own.
My client on Saturday is of those superwomen. She has three amazing children who absolutely adore her. I had the pleasure of capturing that adoration and love between mother and children this weekend. Grandma was there as a support but she is still one strong momma. Balancing everything can be difficult but she does it all. So here's to …

Mommy's Rainbow

There is a time when sorrow can hit. A time for joy, and a time for pain. It may or may not be expected. The loss of a child is a tragedy that defies all others. It might happen during pregnancy, infancy, childhood or even adulthood. No matter when it happens it leaves a hole in the heart of those left behind. Miscarriage/infant loss is something isn't talked about often because of the different feelings it may come up. The rainbow is a symbol of hope and peace. It’s also a symbol of joy. A rainbow baby is a term used to describe an infant born after the loss of another child. 1 in 4 women experience infant loss during pregnancy or even birth. Any child born after that is considered the "rainbow of hope after the storm." This child may be extra special. Not only do they have a family here but also up in heaving watching over them. Celebrating the creation of life during pregnancy is amazing but it’s even more special when that child holds special meaning and has come afte…

Life Doesn't Come with a Manual. It comes with a Mother

The journey between mother and child begins before baby is born. It begins in those first moments of creation and continues for eternity. There is a huge bond between a mother and child and especially when they are young, that child looks to their mother for life, for knowledge, and for nourishment. This weekend, I got to capture a mommy and me session. As a mother myself, I am usually the one behind the camera and that was the same for this mom. She wanted to capture those daily moments that might not be captured otherwise. Holding hands, singing songs, playing games, special moments that are normally not caught on camera are what I was able to capture this weekend. Moments that when little O is older, mom can look back at and moments little O can look back on when she is older or a mom herself. Thank you L and O for letting me capture these special moments for you.

The end of Now and the beginning of Forever

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing an amazing couple. They have spent the last 8 years together and have been engaged for 2 and will be tying the knot officially in May. It was so much fun to capture their love story. It didn't take much to make them laugh and smile. Even after 8 years you could still see how much they loved each other. Capturing the very essence of their emotion and their connection was my goal and it was so easy with how expressive they were. One of my favorite movies growing up was Beauty and the Beast. The main lesson of Beauty and the Beast was "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." (Eden Ahbez) You guys have learned to love and are continuing to love. During the good the bad, the ugly, the amazing, remember that love that you have nurtured together. Never forget to just love each other no matter what. It's hard to find true love but you got it! Congrats on your engagement and the beginnin…