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Mom in Training

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life where she goes through the changes physically, mentally and emotionally to prepare for the little one growing inside of her. Most mom's experience a sense of pride and joy in their upcoming bundle and can't wait to meet them. My latest client was no exception to this rule.

She had the Pregnancy glow down to a T and her husband was beaming with pride at the idea and excitement of their new little one. She is due in Mid November so we had to get her in for a quick maternity session before little baby L made his entrance.

We choose the pumpkin patch because it was a fun theme with Halloween coming up. The dad got a kick out of comparing belly to pumpkin and they had a wonderful time just relaxing and having fun sharing their excitement of their love for each other and their little one. The love for each other and this little baby was what I was hoping to capture in this session. Here is a sneak peak from their session. Family ses…

Capturing special moments

When you see a picture on someone's wall or someone's phone what do you think of? Do you think about that person in the present or do you think about the story that picture tells. When I look back on the pictures we have taken over the years, I think about the moments in time that were captured. Some of my favorite pictures both of my family and of those I have done pictures for are those special moments when you see the gleam in their eye and their life story is literally captured in that minute. Their love for one another is literally captured in that one second of time when the shutter snaps shut.
Every time the shutter closes that moment becomes part of the past but also part of the future because it becomes a story. It is a story that will be told for years. "that one time when we took family pictures...." It is a special moment between the photographer and the photographee. A picture is not just capturing a moment, its capturing a special moment worth thousands…

1st birthdays

Birthdays are celebrated every year but there is something special about a first birthday. The first birthday marks the transition to toddlerhood, to independence, to being able to talk, walk and do things on their own that they couldn't do the first year of life. It's a special time for the family and for the little one and is usually celebrated with a fun theme. The photoshoot I had this week I got to help do just that.

I got to capture little Ava's 1st birthday so that it can be something she remembers forever. She is the youngest of 4 siblings and you can tell by the way she looks at them and her parents that she just loves life. Her sister and mom were right next to her while she tried out the cake and her brothers and dad were watching close by. She even tried to feed them some of the cake from her finger. It was super cute. They did a hot air balloon theme and she was fascinated by the balloons. Capturing moments and memories like this is why I love doing photograph…

Pets are Family Too

"To never know the love of a dog, is to miss the Best thing life has to give." -Author unknown. Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking some pictures of this wonderful dog and his family. He has enjoyed 18 years of life and love with his family. Due to old age and illness he crossed the rainbow bridge a couple days after the session. Losing a animal is like losing a part of your heart. Thankfully, they will be at the rainbow bridge waiting for us with wagging tales and eager eyes when it is our time to go home too.
Having lost several of our own pets in the last couple years, this session was just as emotional for me as it was for the family. I wish I had taken the time to photograph the pets that have passed away. I am so glad I was able to capture these last moments with their precious dog and that they will have these reflections to look back on over the years.
As part of the session and a surprise to them, I created a photobook album of the pictures. Tonight I surprised th…