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It Started with a kiss

Christmas time and the holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. Its a special time were families become closer and really focus on what is important things. Sometimes family is far away and you can only talk via phone or video chat. But sometimes they are able to come and visit. This year was a special year for the W family. For the first time in several years. the entire extended family was together. 6 families, 22 people, all in one house. 4 generations. I had the privilege of photographing this family on Christmas eve. There was so much love and excitement. Sisters, cousins, aunts, grandparents, great grandparents, grandkids, and great grandkids. All together sharing joy and laughter.
I love capturing memories like these. The patriarch and matriarch of the family were still very much in love which was shown when they did their couple pose they immediately kissed. The rest of the family just cheered them on. They created a beautiful legacy and it was a gift to be able to c…

Mom+Dad+ baby=family of 3

Earlier this year I did a maternity session with this family. Mom was 37 weeks pregnant and so ready to meet baby Lucas. Dad was just oozing with pride and love for his little family. Baby arrived approximately 2 weeks after our session and is now a month old and is the cutest little guy.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing his 1 month photos as well as taking pictures of the family together with their new little one. The love that flowed from these two to each other as well as the little guy was overflowing. They were so happy and I loved being able to capture these sweet little moments of new parenthood for them. I am looking forward to continuing to capture these moments in the future as the little one grows up. Being new parents can be rough and comes with its own set of challenges. Baby L was born with infection and had to be in the NICU for a week. Mom choose to stay with him while daddy continued to work. It was a rough first week but they made it through. There will be more …

"We don't just get to grow old together, we get to grow up together. And that's the real adventure."

There are special moments and then there are moments that take your breath away. I am sure that is how this couple felt when they met way back in high school when they were 15. They have been together ever sense and as B said "They just don't make men like that anymore." She definitely got a keeper.
Their kids were just as cute. They adored each other just as their parents adored each other and their kids. My favorite part of this session was capturing the one picture I wasn't planning on. It was a spur of the moment picture that turned out amazing. While I was taking their couple pictures the little ones were crawling around. I was able to capture the kids playing and being kids as well as the emotions and love the parents have.
It was again one of those moments that take your breath away. Did I plan that shoot? No. But it is probably my favorite shot from the entire session. I love how it turned out. Oh and if your wondering... The best way to get an 18 month old …

Family: Where life begins and love never ends.

The family dynamic of this family was a little different than those I have photographed before. There was a 7 year age gap between the kids but you could hardly tell. They acted like best friends.
When I asked the brother to give his sister a piggy back ride, he only hesitated for a second and her only reaction was "I hope he doesn't drop me. But she loved every second of it and you could tell they had a strong bond.
The family picture with them holding hands was a little different for them but when I added in a fun prompt of "look at the funniest person in the family" it started everyone laughing as they looked at the dad and they all seemed to relax.
You could tell how close knit they were. No matter how I arranged them, they always had a smile on their face. Probably one of my easiest families to photograph. I really enjoyed capturing these memories for them and hope to continue to do so in the future.

"Motherhood: All love begins and ends there."

This couple has been together for a while and recently got engaged and is expecting their first little one. C and her fiancé A have a great relationship and can laugh at a moments notice. He made he feel at ease even though she feels huge at 37 weeks pregnant (adorable as well) They are super excited to meet baby J. When she said she could go anytime, she apparently wasn't kidding. Baby J is currently on his way to make his appearance. The one thing she wanted was a way to remember her pregnancy with him. She really wanted maternity pictures to capture these precious moments and memories that will be hard to hold onto once he is here. I am so glad I was able to put this in stand still. Baby J you have awesome parents. These are moments you will never forget and that you can look back on. You did it. You carried a little one for 9 months and now he will be here to celebrate Christmas for you. Being parents is amazing and he just couldn't wait to meet you!